2017 Cross on The Rock

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Well that’s another season done and dusted.  It’s time to give the bikes one last tune up and undo the damaged caused by racing in inclement conditions.

As far as weather goes, really we had it good this year.  Topaz was warm and sunny. Tugboat windy with a bit of rain and riding tide.  Coal Cross was cold and frosty during course set up in the morning but it was warm and sunny in the afternoon.  Kona Kup in Bowen park was a lovely fall day.  Cross on the commons was mostly sunny with intermittent downpours.  Days of thunder was cold and rainy, but lets face it we were due.  And Hot Cross Bunnies the final race… What a day, 90% chance of rain in the forecast and we ended up with a warm sunny race.

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This year was a step forward from last year.  The timing went a lot smoother, the results were far more accurate and I was able to spend more time away from the tablets and timing tent to get out and enjoy the racing.  I managed to hit the start line for four out of eight races this year.  Way more than lasts years zero.  Did my races go well?  Not really if you look at my placings and overall standings, but I had a lot of fun.

I addition to that I was able to get and shoot more.  Not as much as I wanted but a lot more than I expected.  I was able to get a gallery of shots up for every race onto my Flickr account.  I didn’t catch as many crashes but I’m still proud of my work.

Hot cross Bunnies 2017

So what’s up next, a bit of a break.  I’m on my last week of holidays from Superstore for the year.  Time to unpack and unwind after the last race.  Saturday I’ll be heading over to the mainland for the Provincial Finals in Abbotsford.  I’m not going to race, just hang out and shoot.  It’ll be a nice change to be at a race without any responsibilities.  After that it’s back to work at the store to get through Christmas and into the New Year.  The next race I’ll be timing will be the VI endurance Night Trail race series starting on January 10th.



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