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To say I’ve been busy of late would be a bit of an understatement.  There is a ton of racing happening on Vancouver Island.  So much so that it’s hard to keep track of.   One of the things I had planned on doing when I planned on starting my timing company was to put up an online calendar to have all the events I knew about posted in one place and easy for people to find.  It feels like a lot of the events that are happening out there are only being marketed to the people who would already be planning on going.  The Lazo road race for example.  If you’re a comox valley cyclist, hanging out in the shops up there or hitting the group rides you probably know all about it and have so for months.  For the riders here in Nanaimo or in Victoria chances of knowing about it are probably slim.

Each organizer has their own calendar, but do you know where to find them?

Comox Valley Cycle Club http://comoxvalleycycleclub.ca/schedule/

MIVA http://bikeracing.ca/events/

VCL https://victoriacyclingleague.wordpress.com/2016-race-schedule/  (yes, 2016 race schedule is for this year)

VI Endurance http://www.viendurance.net/race-calendar/

Or have the time to check them all out on a regular basis?

So with that in mind I’ve started populating the events calendar on my site here https://palleus.com/events/ Check it out.  I’ve added in everything I know about thats coming up in the next week or so.  I’m going to continue to add to it as I get time and as I hear about more events.

For the events I’ve listed I’ve included the name of the event organizer and links to their website and if possible to the specific events site.  The start times list are just guesses.  Hit up the organizers for more specific details.

Thanks for reading and have fun out there this weekend.  There’s enough events that I’m sure everyone is doing something awesome 😀




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